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A standard thin set tile install normally has one eighth to one half inch grout joints. This requires a relatively flat surface for a good bond.

Average Price $3-$5 sq/ft

A mud set tile install can be done if client wishes to have zero grout joints. This means that each tile will be directly touching. Each tile has a five step process which requires twice the time and materials. This install is recommended for any rectified tile or stone.

Average Price $4-$10 sq/ft

Standard Thin Set Tile

Mud Set Tile

Boarders, decos, and trim installs are all extras that can be added to your origional install. These are usually added in bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, or even floors.

This price is not based upon sq/ft.

Inlays are usually a design that is added to an already existing tile surface. Examples include shower shelves, diamonds, or other decorative accent designs.

This price is not based upon sq/ft.

Boarders, Decos, and Trim


Pinwheel Pattern

Brick Pattern


French Pattern

Average Price $3-$10 sq/ft

Tile Designs

Floating Wood Floors

A floating wood floor install requires base or quarter round for finish against walls. Floating floors is a quick and inexpensive finish to an existing floor.

Average Price $2-$5 sq/ft

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